I built my own desk.

At one particularly low point in my life, I could not help but feel my life had developed into a running parody of the guy who breaks his glasses at the end of that Twilight Zone episode.

A desk is something so simple, yet personal for a writer. Yet, this simple luxury was something that I would be unable to have for at least 26 years, as unbelievable as that might sound. This series of unfortunate events, as my friend Lemony Snicket would say, is a story for another day.

I was flat broke, and sitting on the carpet in an empty apartment. If anything, I had negative amount of dollars in my bank account, and even a lesser amount of value in my heart and spirit. I never asked for much, if at all, ever in my life, and yet here I was, so much farther from my dream of a place to call my own than I could have ever imagined.

All I ever wanted was a desk to write on, and I could not even have that. I closed my eyes and let the tears roll down my face. I laid down on the carpet and let its heaviness comfort me.

Suddenly, it struck me. I said to myself, if I cannot afford a desk, I’ll build one! This was done not out of any actual bravado, but rather, desperation. I drove off, determined, and picked up two heavy pieces of wood from the local hardware store. Hardy, unfinished, but most importantly of all, cheap.

Building the desk proved to be harder than first estimated. But slowly, with layers of wood paint of polish, it came to life. And once it was built, so did I.

Writing Desk

If you’d like to build your own desk, the original article which contained instructions that helped me build it can be found here:  Original Article 

Kudos to the author for the clever and hilarious instructable.

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